Friday, April 23, 2021

Major Correction - Boeing Delivered 1000th 787 and it was to Air Lease Corporation with China Southern Airlines as operator.

UPDATE: Ok so I got wrong again!  Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times informed me that the 1000th 787 indeed went to Air Lease Corporation who leased the aircraft to China Southern Airlines.  This means that all three airplanes were delivered roughly at the same time but the 1000th delivery went to ALC.  Sorry for the confusion!

So a couple days ago I was thrown off by an error in my spreadsheets which was caught by an eagle eyed reader of this blog. Turns out I mistakenly credited Turkish Airlines for a delivery last October when they did not take any 787 that month.  Consequently my spreadsheets were off by one and after researching the error today I made a correction to my spreadsheets.

It turns out number 1000 was delivered yesterday to Japan Airlines.  The aircraft is ZE456 (LN1059, JA882J) and has departed Everett today for Tokyo.  It fitting that the 1000th 787 delivered went to a Japanese airline as it was ANA and Japan Airlines that kicked off the 787 program with orders in 2004 (really ANA). It was also fitting that the 1000th 787 was delivered from Everett. It was Everett where the program was born, went through enormous growing pains as has been documented in this blog and finally the place where the 787 hit its stride when most of the issues that stalled the airplane development was put behind it.

Of course Boeing is still facing significant headwinds given the fuselage join issues and the inspections that they have to conduct not just on the airplanes at Everett and Charleston but also many of those that have been delivered.  But the delivery of the 1000th 787 is a noteworthy milestone for this program.

Lastly, I want to renew my appeal for insiders who can help with information on the 787 program as well as help with keeping my spreadsheets up to date.  If you can contribute, I and many who read this blog would be very appreciative.

787 Spreadsheets


Dave said...

Hi pal,
I have identified the following ln numbers as going to Lufthansa 898 913 893 905 887. Just looking for the regs that both Uresh and I can update our sites.

Uresh said...

Do you have a source for this information?

Dave said...

Yes i have various sources that these are the frames. Drop me an email

johnv777 said...

Uresh, There have been no 787 deliveries for a long time now. I thought they were going to resume. Any idea what is going on?

Uresh said...

Yes I noticed it too but I don't know why yet. I'm still trying to develop new sources. I can only speculate that it might be the continued effects of the inspections and rework.

Unknown said...

Good people can admit to being wrong...thanks for the info...and the link here... 460AirStash

Tarek said...

Uresh - Air Canada has exercised 3 787-9 options to be delivered in 2022 (1) and 2023 (2)

mfranjic said...

Dear Uresh,
I have noticed Boeing 787, MSN 68515 in Your database.
Isn't that maybe:
Boeing 787-9; MSN 66515 / LN 1059, reg. JA882J for Japan Airlines?
Kind regards

onemillion said...

Hi Uresh,

LN1071 (N877BF) for American has delivered as well as LN1091 for ANA...

Uresh said...

AAL 9824 is actually LN 1087 N879BH that was delivered today.