Tuesday, March 20, 2018

787 March 2018 Mid Month Update; Boeing Delivers 1st 787-10 to Singapore Airlines

Though this update is a little late it's still chock full o' information. Through March 19 Boeing has delivered 8 787 (7 787-9 and 1 787-10).  The notable delivery thus far is Singapore Airlines' first 787-10 and the first 787-10 delivered to a customer airline by Boeing.  The contractual delivery took place on March 14th but the aircraft is remaining in Charleston conducting training flights in the area until March 24th.  There is a planned delivery ceremony on that day with the fly away to Singapore occurring that day as well.  Through March 19th, Boeing has delivered 27 787s (26 787-9 and 1 787-10).  Total program deliveries now stand at 663 (350 787-8, 312 787-9 and 1 787-10).

Other notable deliveries included the last two 787-9s for Xiamen Airlines.  Delivery of one of the two was delayed to March for unknown reasons but both flew away within 1 day of one another.  Xiamen now has 6 787-8 and 6 787-9s in its fleet. Also delivered is El Al's first direct purchase 787-9. until now El Al has been using 787-9s that were leased from Air Lease Corp. and Aviation Capital Group.  El Al ordered 4 787-9 and 2 787-8. Finally, Virgin Atlantic Airlines took up its penultimate 787-9 with the last one due to be delivered next month.

So far no changes to the production status as Boeing started work on 9 787s and rolled out 7 thus far this month.  The first 787-9 for Gulf Air rolled out and has already conducted its first (B1) flight.

Boeing did finalize the an order for 25 787-9s with Turkish Airlines along with 5 options.  Boeing is still working to finalize the large order with Emirates which can be done within the next 3 months and before the Farnborough Air Show in July.

Stay on top of the 787 program but viewing the spreadsheets that I have set up:

787 Spreadsheets

Friday, March 9, 2018

Turkish Airlines order 25 787-9s

Turkish Airlines 787-9 - Boeing Photo
 Turkish Airlines announced that they have signed an agreement with Boeing to buy 25 787-9s plus 5 options.  The carrier also agreed to buy the same number of A350-900 and the same number of options from Airbus. However it is not clear if this is a firm order or a signing of an MoU with Boeing.  The Airbus order seems to be an MoU according to press reports but doesn't mention if the Boeing order is firm.

Last fall Turkish Airlines and Boeing did sign an MoU for a purchase of 20 787-9 with options on 20 more 787s so it seems they've opted for 10 fewer 787s while keeping the same number of A350s.  Turkish and Airbus signed an MoU in January for 25 A350-900 and 5 options.  With the agreements today, Turkish will take 60 total widebody aircraft (30 787-9s and 30 A350-900) if all options are exercised.

Deliveries would start next year with 6 in 2019, 14 in 2020, 10 in 2021, 12 in 2022, 11 in 2023 and 7 in 2024.  The carrier didn't specify the delivery breakdown by type in each of those years.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

787 February 2018 Month End Review

As of February 28, 2018Number
Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett113
To be assembled in Charleston88
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly8
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Pre-Flight Prep9
Production Testing5
Non Customer Flight Tests3
Ready for Delivery7

Boeing had a good month in February delivering 12 787s (all 787-9s) bringing the yearly delivery total to 20.  Through Feb. 28, 2018 Boeing as delivered 656 787s.  Notable deliveries include the penultimate 787-9 to Air China and Untied Airlines last 787-9 that was on order. Additionally Aviation Capital Group took delivery of its first 787 which has been leased to El Al Airlines. Unsurprisingly there has been a 787-8 delivery this year though there are two -8s on the flightline at Everett, their delivery isn't expected until the 2nd quarter.

Production moved back up to the nominal 12/month rate as Boeing rolled out that many 787s (7 in Everett and 5 in Charleston). Boeing started work on 11 787s in February (4 which rolled out in February).  It is interesting to note that Charleston seems to be reducing the build time for their 787s as I've seen 787s come out after 21 to 22 days in final assembly.  This is down from 28 to 29 days.  I see this as preparation at Charleston to go to 7/month next year when Boeing increases the 787 production rate to 14/month.

Looking at March we can look forward to the first delivery of the 787-10 to Singapore Airlines.  The first one has already had it customer flights and should be delivered by March 14th.  We should also see Xiamen Airlines final 787 on order being delivered though they still have another 787-9 still parked at Charleston.  I believe there might be a dual 787 delivery to Xiamen.  Also British Airways' penultimate 787-9 is in the middle of test flights and should also be delivered this month.

Lastly, Hawaiian Airlines pulled a switch-a-roo and dumped the poorly selling A330-800NEO in favor of the 10 x 787-9s as was reported earlier.  Hawaiian also took up 10 options.  This is a pretty big deal as it now leaves Airbus with no customers for the A330-800NEO which is about to start test flights and there aren't any prospects for the warmed over of the A330-200.  I expect this order to be final in the next few months after which I hope to hear about planned delivery timelines.  These airplanes should replace the A330-200 and 767s currently in Hawaiian's fleet and also allow for establishment of new routes, particularly to Europe.

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787 Spreadsheets