Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boeing loses order of 15 787s

Boeing lost an order of 15 787s. The cancellation occurred during the last week and maybe tied to a simultaneous order of 10 777s.  It is not known who cancelled the order but the list of suspects include the following:

Customer NameCustomer CodeModelOrderedDeliveredUndelivered
Air CanadaACN787-929029
Air ChinaBEJ787-915015
Air France-KLM GroupFXN787-925025
All Nippon AirwaysANA787-944440
American AirlinesAAL787-922022
British AirwaysBAB787-922022
CIT Leasing CorporationTCI787-916016
Delta Air LinesDAL787-818018
Etihad AirwaysETI787-941338
Gulf AirGUL787-816016
Japan AirlinesJAL787-920119
Unidentified Customer(s)UNK787-915015
Unidentified Customer(s)UNK787-924024

Additionally there are two unknown customers who placed orders of 15 and 24 respectively.  This list doesn't include those orders for the 787-10 only outstanding orders for the -8 or -9.  The unknown customer for the 15 787-9 is widely believed to be Etihad as it appeared at the same time as the Air Berlin cancellation of their 787 order.  The second unknown customer order (for 24) was added to the order book very recently.

I've bold the more likely candidates who cancelled this order.  We'll know who the culprit is when Boeing releases it's month end  order and delivery report in the first week of July.  Boeing did convert an order of 10 787s for United into 10 777-300ERs and are looking to add more 777 orders to the book to bridge the production gap between the 777 classics and the 777X.  They certainly don't mind doing it at the expense of the 787 as it does free up more production slots for customers looking to add that airplane to their fleet but can't get the required delivery slots.  In the long run it could be win-win for both programs.


Geoff said...

Boeing posted a video of the Vietnam 787-9 for the Paris airshow.

Traveler said...

Well, if they lost an order for 15 and gained orders for 15 and 24, that's a net positive, it would seem.

Unless of course the new orders aren't really new but were going to be announced at the Paris Show.

Trapperpk said...

It sounds like a 787 customer was shopping for build slots and put out a will call when slots become available. If An Air Berlin cancellation occured, it may have included another customer picking up its build slots in some kind of back room dealing keeping all details on the low down.

Jet.Fuel.773-er said...

My guess is that the 24 are for Hanian Airlines with the other 6 frames being leased out.

Uresh said...

Yeah I came to the same conclusion a month and a half ago.

Unknown said...

No-one wants to suggest that Qantas finally invested in the 777 - only about 20 years too late ?

Carlos said...

I’m sorry. I don’t speak English. Your information are very good. I wanna ask you about 787-10 and 787-9. I read on a site that the stabilizers of 787-10 and 787-9 are the same. An engineer received an award “Engineer Of the Year ” for instead of making new stabilizer for 787-10, he designed a software for using the same stabilizer of 787-9. Can you explain to me how does it work? Is this related with fly by wire? Thank you.

AviationNation said...

Gard Murad, I'm also trying to find out if Boeing will be using the horizontal tail plane from the 787-9 for the horizontal tail plane on the 787-10. If someone can confirm this is the case that would be great.

AviationNation said...

Yes, can anyone confirm that Boeing will be using the horizontal stabilizer from the 787-9 for the horizontal stabilizer on the 787-10? That would be great.