Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flight Test Update

Several sources are reporting that both ZA004 (Dreamliner 4) and the first 747-8F will be flying on Monday, Feb. 22nd.

ZA004 will be the third 787 to fly and will fly on to Boeing Field where it will be based for the remainder of the test flight program with the other 787s. Dreamliner 4 was running a 5 hour mini gauntlet today and may have some taxi tests tomorrow followed by its first flight on Monday. Dreamliner 4 will explore the high speed aerodynamics of the 787 (both S & C and flutter) as well as engines tests at high speeds and some ETOPS testing.

RC501 will also be flying on Monday as it takes to the air for the 2nd time to be ferried to Moses Lake International Airport where it will be based for the Initial Airworthiness flight tests that it has to complete.

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Greg said...

Bpring Field, eh?