Friday, February 26, 2010

Boeing confirms ZA003 first flight in March

Boeing confirmed a story I ran yesterday (Flight Test Review) regarding the status of ZA003 which is the next 787 to fly. Because Boeing has elected to install some flight test equipment that was to be installed at a later time, the date for the aircraft's first flight has slide to March. I have been told that it'll be around mid-March.

Flightblogger put up a post on his blog describing the situation and the path forward. The aircraft is ready for flight but Boeing has elected to install the equipment now as opposed to later in the flight test program as Boeing will be able the fly ZA003 more often.

Flightblogger: Boeing confirms ZA003 first flight slide to March


petera380 said...


I sent you a comment earlier, however, B787 LN19 is ZA121 and LN20 will be ZA2xx, don't know the xx yet! Regards,

Uresh said...

Thanks, I'll make the change for 19. If you do find out out for 20 do let me know! Thanks for the info!