Saturday, February 6, 2010

747-8 Taxi Tests and 787 Flight Tests

UPDATE 4: RC501 has finished taxi tests today but on the last high speed taxi run, smoke apparently developed from the righ hand gear possibly indicating a brake problem. Details are unknown at this time.

UPDATE 3: ZA001 took off at 2:22 PM PST and is flying in eastern Washington State as is ZA002. ZA002 is to the noth of ZA001 at this time.

UPDATE 2: ZA001 will be returning to the air at around 1:5 PM PST. Looks like Boeing is settling into the test program quite nicely. They can surpass 100 787 flight hours either today but most likely tomorrow.

UPDATE: RC501 is performing it's taxi tests on the runways and taxiways of Paine Field this afternoon. Meanwhile ZA002 has departed Boeing Field for another test flight. No word on if ZA001 will be joining her in the air.

Liz Matzelle has a short video up of RC 501 on Everett's runway

RC501 is about to start it's taxi tests. It's about 1 PM in Everett Right now and the aircraft has its engines turning at this moment.

ZA002 is also on deck to make another test flight this afternoon. It was supposed to be up by now but still have no indications of it lifting off.

Through yesterday, Boeing has amassed over 87 flight test hours with both ZA001 and ZA002. Word from Guy Norris is that ZA004 will run its engines for the first time very soon and ZA003 will conduct evac slide deployment tests, also very soon.

Guy Norris

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