Sunday, February 21, 2010

787 and 747 together tomorrow?

Tomorrow, both ZA004 and RC501 (787 and 747-8F) will be flying in the air. The former for the first time and the later for the second time. Now, I'm hearing that both these airplanes may fly in formation tomorrow for an in air photoshoot. ZA004 should be in the air first followed by RC501.

In other test flight news, ZA001 spent the weekend at Moses Lake after landing there on Friday. It flew back to BFI earlier today and reports from Liz Matzelle said that there were people looking at the right engines though I have heard from other sources that there weren't any problems with this airplane. There won't be any test flights today though at least two 787s (ZA002 and ZA004) will be in the air tomorrow as will be RC501 (747-8F).

ZA004 will conduct taxi tests as well as high speed RTO and then will take off tomorrow on it's first test flight. After ZA004 departs, RC501 will take off on its ferry flight to Moses Lake and during that time should link up with ZA004 for the photo op.


Liembo said...

Went this morning to catch BOE501's departure, but it never left and it appears the flight plan was cancelled? Bummed.

Uresh said...

Yeah it looks like it was cancelled. No info on 787s either.