Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 787s in the air today

Matt Cawby's Video of ZA004's first flight:

Special Thanks to Matt Cawby

Video of ZA004 taking off courtesy of Future of Flight Museum:

Boeing has three 787s in the air today though BOE2 (ZA002) has landed at Moses Lake the other 2 ZA001 and ZA004 are still in the air as of 12:15PM. Here are the links for the three flights on Flightaware:


Additonally RC501, the first 747-8 was supposed to be in the air but it is still on the ground at Moses Lake. No reason why but flightaware says it's delayed four hours.

It is hoped that once all the 787s and the 747-8 are all airborne at the same time then there should be a photo shoot with someor all of the airplanes.


or you can track all the 787s on this link:

787 Flight Test Track

It's a very busy day for Boeing flight test.

Lastly, Flightblogger has a great article dedicated to Dremaliner 4:

Better Know a Dreamliner - Part Three - ZA004

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