Monday, February 22, 2010

787 back in the air tomorrow; 747-8 returns to the air

According to information I received the in flight anomaly that ZA001 experienced is a non issue and all airplanes will return to flight tomorrow. ZA004 should be in the air as will ZA001 and ZA002 (to continue flutter tests and S & C tests).

RC501 is in the air this evening and should land at Moses Lake where it will be temporarily based for the Initial Airworthiness Flight Tests.

Here are a couple other stories about the recent 747 and 787 events.

Aviation Week : Boeing Probes 787 Engine Issue

Guy Norris also put up an update stating that ZA001 will continue flutter tests tomorrow and ZA002 will fly an stability and control test flight. ZA004 should be flying tomorrow as well as the third 787 to join the test program.

Guy Norris : 787 and 747-8 Updates
Guy Norris : 787 hits engine snag, 747-8 returns to flight

Lastly, Aviation Week linked to an article that really describes the phenomenon of flutter very well. Here's the link for those of you who are interested:

Autopia : 787 Dreamliner Hiccups During Flight Testing

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