Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moment of Truth

There has been a lot of information flying back and forth about the 787 (too bad the 787 isn't fly itself...yet). Flightblogger posted a few days ago that there might be a redesign of some of the 787 side of body reinforcements which might delay the 787s first flight into next year.

Well Boeing vehemently denied it not once but twice. The first was a press release by Scott Francher, VP of the 787 program. The second was a blog posting by Randy Tinseth imploring people not to necessarily to buy into "rumours"

Both times they reiterated that Boeing will have more guidance on the 787 on the 3rd quarter earnings conference call.

Well to add fuel to the fire, Morgan Stanley aerospace analyst, Heidi Wood downgraded Boeing today citing concerns that Boeing won't be able deliver the 787 until 2011 and she continues to harbor serious concerns about unknown issues that would turn up in flight testing. They're predicting another delay of 6 months.

Morgan Stanley downgrades Boeing

But wait now comes Scott Hamilton at Leeham.net saying that he doesn't believe that Boeing will announce another delay during tomorrow's earning call nor will they announce a delay on first delivery tomorrow.

Scott Hamilton - Boeing 3rd quarter conference call preview

At the end of the day tomorrow is Boeing's moment of truth on the 787. Moment of truth on any new problems on the 787 if any. Moment of truth in terms of Boeing regaining its credibility. And moment of truth on the 787 program itself.

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