Tuesday, October 27, 2009

787 Round Up

Here is some more 787 news for your reading pleasure. BTW, LN 8 (ZA101) is reported by Flightblogger to be in the Boeing paint shop. This now clears the way for Boeing to start final assembly on LN 12 once that rear fuselage secion for that airplane arrives in Everett.

  • South Carolina is upping the stakes for the 2nd 787 final assembly line as the the SC State Senate approved a deal to entice Boeing to locate the line to North Charleston. This comes on the heels of news that there hasn't been much progress in Boeing's talks with the IAM to keep the second line in Everett. Paramount of Boeing's concerns is the strike by IAM that have occurred every 3 to 4 years. Boeing is trying to negotiate a 10 year moratorium on strikes by IAM. I wonder if they forgot about SPEEA?

SC Approves Boeing Incentives

  • A couple things from Flightglobal - First Mary Kirby reported that Boeing has let an RFP to equip the 787s with wireless Internet connectivity. The connectivity would be via satcom broadband and Boeing is aiming to have it integrated into the in flight entertainment system (IFE). Panasonic and many airline customers have been pushing for this for sometime and it seems that the technology has matured enough that Boeing is now making it a priority.

Boeing RFI for 787 wireless internet connectivity

  • Also from Flightglobal, is news that airline executives from Polish carrier LOT will be talking with Boeing about LOT's 787 order. The delay to the 787 has hampered LOT's ability to open up new routes. I am swilling to bet that Boeing will give the same deal and assurances to LOT that they gave to Qatar Airways.

LOT Senior Management talks 787 with Boeing

  • Lastly, a new book hit the bookshelves this week. The title of this book: Boeing 787 Dreamliner by Mark Wagner and Guy Norris. The book covers the development of the 787 from the ashes of the Sonic Cruiser through today's continued issues that Boeing is still facing. It's certainly to be an eye-opening and informative book on this aircraft.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner by Norris and Wagner

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