Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boeing decision on 2nd 787 line may be imminent

Flightblogger and various other news sources are reporting that talks between Boeing and IAM have broken down. This may lead to Boeing to decide to locate the 787 2nd assembly line in North Charleston, SC.

Yesterday, the South Carolina State Senate passed a package of incentives to lure Boeing to North Charleston for the 2nd 787 line. It now appears that those incentives along with the breakdown of talks between Boeing and the IAM will lead to Boeing making an announcement that they will locate the 2nd assembly line in North Charleston. Boeing has already purchased land in the area as well as filed the necessary permits for construction of the assembly hall located next to Global Aeronautica and Boeing Charleston. Boeing said that those actions were necessary for planning purposes.

Now Washington State politicos are not giving up. Senator Patty Murray from Washington has requested that representatives from IAM 751 and Boeing meet at her Washington State offices in order to try and agree to a no strike deal. It seems that IAM has agreed to it but there has yet been no word from Boeing to Sen. Murray's invitation.

It may be that Boeing has already made up its mind. We'll soon know.

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