Monday, October 26, 2009

Flightblogger: Boeing complete 787 detailed design of 787 fix

Flightblogger is reporting tonight that Boeing has completed the detail design and computer validation of the last few final parts that makes up the 787 side of body join reinforcement fix. These final parts are being fabricated and should be delivered soon to be installed on the static test air frame as well as the test flight aircraft that are currently undergoing the installation of the modification.

Flightblogger is indicating that given that Boeing has finished the detailed design and computer validation of the fix that they have overcome the load issues that were discovered last Spring. Flightblogger is saying the test results received thus far are looking good.


In other 787 news, came out with some great pictures of the 787 final assembly line: - ZA100 and ZA101 at Everett

Additionally, also put out an interesting piece about the 2nd assembly line for the 787. This line is going to be crucial for Boeing to meet it delivery obligations. Here the article addresses the issues of the 2nd line, the choice ahead for Boeing and the pitfalls facing Boeing.

Second Guessing 787 Second Line

Lastly, the LCF's continue to make regular runs between the 787 suppliers and Everett. The nose section , wings, main fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers for airplane 12 (LN 12) are already in Everett and I do believe the rear fuselage section is also in there though I have no confirmation. There should have been a line move already or will happen soon so that LN 8 (2nd production aircraft) will be moved out of building 40-26 thus clearing the way for airplane 12 to start final assembly in the coming days. Thus far Boeing is looking to maintain a 1 airplane/month production rate and gradually ramping that up to 10/month by the end of 2012. LN 7, the first production 787 is already outdoor on the Boeing flightline sans the Roll Royce Trent 1000s:


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