Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guy Norris: Dreamliner 1 moved to parking stall on flightline

Guy Norris confirmed Dreamliner 1's move to parking stall 105 on the Boeing flightline. This is an important milestone prior to starting of the engines and the contiuation of gauntlet testing indicating that first flight is drawing closer.

I still continue to feel that mid June (June 19th) is a strong possibility for first flight though all that depends on how well the rest of the gauntlet testing goes in the weeks and days ahead.

Guy's Road to 787 first flight, part 14.


Anonymous said...

Your last guess was for end of May so you have pushed your estimate out by a few weeks....

It really is hard to pick the spot but we all hope it is near...things just seem to move a little slower than it first appears.

Isn't it more important that the intermediate gauntlet go well since that seems to be a key indicator of the success of the systems?

Uresh said...

All testing has to go well at this point.