Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flightblogger: ZA001 intermediate gauntlet to start today

UPDATE: Flightblogger is reporting that gauntlet testing along with the pre-gauntlet engine tests won't start until tomorrow. Today was "Shop Gauntlet Work" that took place.

Flightblogger is reporting that intermediate gauntlet testing on ZA001 may start as early as mid day today.

Boeing was to have some engine runs today followed by pre-gauntlet test meetings following those engine runs.

If things look good then Boeing should start the intermediate gauntlet tests today starting with a simulated first flight profile test with simulated failures of the aircraft systems. Boeing had already run through the intermediate gauntlet tests on the integrated test vehicle (ITV).

Lastly, Jon reports that ZA002 ran through its gear swing tests and ZA004 and ZA005 have their engines. That's Trent 1000s for ZA004 and GEnx for ZA005.

Also it appears that the LCF is not delivering the main fuselage section for ZA100 today.

Jon's May 28th Update

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