Thursday, May 28, 2009

787 News - May 28,2009

Not too much to report except:

1) Boeing booked 5 orders from an unidentified customer for the 787. No word on which type (-8 or -9) though that will probably be revealed in a couple of weeks when Boeing releases its monthly order and deliviery numbers. Interestingly Boeing also booked a cancellation of 5 767s at the same time so I wonder if the cancellation has anything to do with the order for 5 airplanes? The only airlines that have the 767 on order (passenger version) are ANA, JAL and Lan. These carriers also have already placed orders for the 787 as well.

2) The LCF is on its way to Everett this morning from Charleston. It might be carrying the main fuselage section for ZA100 though we'll know a little later today.

No word on the start of intermediate gauntlet testing yet.

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