Friday, April 24, 2009

Guy Norris: Ground Vibration Tests to start tonight(Friday Night)

Guy Norris posted a brief update saying that ground vibration testing on ZA002 is due to start tonight. Also Boeing is preparing for the gear swing tests on ZA001 which requires loading ballast weights back on the aircraft as well as re-rigging the gear and gear doors. Read Guy's posting here.


Anonymous said...

Is A0002 further developed/constructed that A0003.

Have these planes been worked on according to their order?

Anonymous said...

Since all six planes are needed to complete the flight tests, will they be finished in sequential order or do some have more tasks to perform than the others...or inversely, some have less tasks?

If ANA has been promised planes by Feb 2010, it leaves nine months (gestation period) to finish five additional planes and get them flying and completing their tasks.

Anonymous said...

The last post is inaccurate. There is approximately nine months to get certification and build at least 20 additional planes.

How many 787's does Boeing think it can produce in that time. I read where there are currently 31 planes in the "system" at this time with plane 7 ready for start of production in May.

Additionally, there has to be an appreciation of production to supply the planes after the ANA delivery