Friday, April 17, 2009

Guy Norris: 787 activities picking up

Guy Norris, who write for Aviation Week and has a blog called "Things with Wings" recently posted the first part of his 787 update.

In it he reports that activities around ZA 001 are picking up pace ahead of the start of the factory gauntlet. The aircraft's ballast tanks for flight test were loaded with water. This allows the airplane to simulate passenger and cargo loads as well as shifting centers of gravity on the airplane during flight.

Read Guy's posting here. It's quite informative.


Christopher Fotos said...

Thanks so much for linking! Things With Wings is the Aviation Week blog about commercial airlines. Guy is one of our excellent bloggers there, where you'll also find posts by the whole cavalcade of AvWeek and AvDaily editors and reporters.

-Chris Fotos, AvWeek web managing editor

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there is sufficient activity to have the plane complete its factory gauntlet and be ready to move to the flightline before April is over.

There is no mention that the Vibration test is already being performed on Plane #2 as we speak.

Guy Norris indicates that the Boeing Test Department is already gearing itself up too.

Looks promising! A second debut...this one with all the real trappings though!

Anonymous said...


Does Norris' blog change your outlook about the timing and movemnt of Plane #1 to the flightline?

Anonymous said...

The fatigue test airframe, ZY998 was just moved into the factory and is supposed to go through some structural repair.

Do you know when this plane is to undergo future testing...and is it a stress test of some kind. Is it scheduled before the flight ?