Monday, April 27, 2009

Guy Norris: Dreamliner 1 moved out of the hanger...into the paint hanger!!

UPDATE: The reason for the move into the paint hanger is for a final aqueous wash of the fuel tanks prior to fuelling the airplane. I am thinking that the airplane will come out by Wednesday morning (April 29th) and start intermediate gauntlet testing sometime this weekend. Pending Boeing's investigation in to the electrical issue that occured during thegear swing test, the intermediate gauntlet can move up or back.

Guy Norris posted part 7 on his road to 787 first flight series and here he reports that Dreamliner 1 was indeed moved out of the 767 assembly hanger at 4 AM local time this morning...and into the Boeing paint hanger. The aircraft already received a touch up paint job in March so why it moved into the paint hanger again instead of the flight line is a mystery.

That being said, I'm confident that if there was a major issue with the electrical system, Boeing would have kept this airplane in building 40-24. Guy also reported that ground vibration testing is going well on ZA002 with no issues cropping up.

You can read Guy's report here.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that they are going to do another very unique paint touchup on A0001 in preparation for the flight line.

Why the paint shop??

I am willing to bet that it will be on the flightline in unusual garb for media day on Wednesday

Uresh said...

Not sure, definetely not a new paint job but perhaps a touch up. I think it's reasonable for them to keep her under wraps until the media day on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


You manage to spread information that is highly speculative. A few days ago you opined a flight in you give a June 19th date.

Unless this is eubstantiated with some information, I think it not productive. You could amplify the tests in front of completion and give some additional info...these arbitrary dates are just plain misleading

Uresh said...

Yes I said it may fly in May if everything goes well but I also get information from sources which I post because it is newsworthy. I'm not being arbitrary and as far as speuculative...that's what blogger do...they speculate...based on the best available information to generate discussion. It's very productive actually and not at misleading as I said that these dates depend on many things coming together at the right time.