Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flightblogger: Dreamliner 1 conducts gear swing tests last night

UPDATE: I'm hearing that Dreamliner 1 could be out on the flightline as early 10pm-11pm local time on Sunday night (April 26th). Also Dreamliner 2 should be flying within weeks after Dreamliner 1 goes up. I'm still maintaining my bet that Boeing can have Dreamliner 1 up in the Air by May 31st but let's see how the rest of gauntlet testing goes in May.

According to a posting by Jon Ostrower this morning, Dreamliner 1 (ZA001) conducted the final landing gear swing tests late last night inside building 40-24. Boeing should have also carried out the ground vibration testing very early this morning on ZA002. ZA001 should be out on the Boeing flightline when the sun comes up over Everett on Monday morning. Plane spotters in Everett, get your cameras late Sunday night/early Monday morning!

My guess is that intermediate gauntlet testing should start on Tuesday at the earliest.

Read Jon's posting here.


Anonymous said...


Could you tell us what type of testing does A0002 have to go through. Does it have to pass all of the gauntlets that A0001 did?

You indicate that it will be only a few weeks after A0001 flies that A0002 will follow.

Uresh said...

LN 2 will go through the same testing that airplane 1 went through though they might do it a little faster than they did with airplane 1.

Anonymous said...

Could you remind us how long it took Aooo1 to go from factory gauntlet to flightline.

This should be a gauge for how long A0002 will take also

Uresh said...

About a week.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to ask how long from the BEGINNING of factory gauntlet to flightline

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see the pace of the next 5 planes since we do not know how "customized" the A0001 was vrs. the normal production tempo.

Also, will you be keeping an eye on the production pace of the next 7-20 planes...followed by the next tranch of post 20 planes that will be modified.

Uresh said...

The beginning of factory gauntlet was April 20th for LN 1 and this airplane should be out tonight on the flight line. That is one week.