Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ZA001 intermediate gauntlet testing entering the final stages

Both Flightblogger and Guy Norris report that ZA001 is entering the final stages of it's intermediate gauntlet testing with no apparent issues thus far. The stage seems to be setting for the final gauntlet followed by taxi tests.

Both Guy and Jon are reporting that Boeing is on block 14 and block 15 which covers environmental controls and more common core systems (CCS) testing today. On Thursday will see electrical systems tests, as well as pilot conditions tests and a final CCS test which will go into early Friday morning.

ZA002 is progressing through it's factory gauntlet and should be out by the fuel dock to go through the similar fueling tests that ZA001.

Additionally, Jon is reporting that the main fuselage section for ZA100, the first production aircraft for ANA, is being kept at Charleston, SC to finish off work and to ensure that there isn't any travelled work.

Flightblogger June 3rd Report
Guy's 23rd 787 Report

Here's a video from Liz Matzelle of Dreamliner 1 undergoing gauntlet tests on the Boeing ramp:

Simulated Dreamliner Test Flights from Liz Matzelle on Vimeo.

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