Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guy Norris: Intermediate Gauntlet Testing Continues with further block tests

Guy posted that Boeing is still continuing with gauntlet testing and are now up to test blocks 8 through 11 with block 11 expected to be completed by late Tuesday. Boeing does expect to complete intermediate gauntlet by this Wednesday. No word on when final gauntlet will start.

I do expect that ZA002 will go through gauntlet testing as will ZA005 which is the first GEnx airplane. I'm not sure about the other test airplanes but they will eventually go through some period of pre-flight testing before their first flights. I'm still maintaining my prediction for first flight after the Paris Air Show and specifically around June 19th (note: I erroneously put the 9th, duhhh).

Boeing will make it June 18th just to spite me. Just kidding Boeing!

Guy's 22nd 787 post.

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