Monday, June 15, 2009

Paris 2009: Boeing to offer KC-777 (& KC-767), possible 777 revamp w/ 787-10 being looked at

Some musing coming out of Paris today.

First of all, and not entirely unexpected, Boeing will be offering up both the 767 and the 777 (presumably the 777F) for the USAF tanker competition against the EADS KC-330 tanker. Thus the tanker saga which has been years in the making continues to get interesting. It'll get it's own Lifetime TV movie by the time it's all done.

Next, Boeing's Commercial Airplanes Chief, Scott Carson, commented on the 777 future and said that Boeing might look at re-winging the popular twin in order to get more range in order to remain competitive with the A350 (specifically the A350-900 and A350-1000). Now it all comes to costs of redesigning the wing vs an all new design to supplant the 777 and remain competitive with the A350. Carson also did not rule out a larger 787 (the 787-10) which would seat about 310 people in a three class configuration. This aircraft would compete with the A350-900 while a re-winged 777-300ER would compete against the A350-1000. Before any of this can happen though, Boeing has to get the 787-8 into the air and into flight testing which will be the subject of another post.

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