Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More info on the rear fuselage shear ties from Seattle Times

UPDATE: Dominic Gates reports that Boeing had made an error regarding the number of shear ties that have to be modified. Dominic writes:
Business: Because of incorrect information supplied by Boeing, a Tuesday story on a design flaw in the 787 said "less than a dozen shear ties" would have to be replaced on each airplane. Boeing corrected that misinformation Tuesday, saying mechanics will replace portions of 12 shear ties and also will have to reinforce many other shear ties in the rear fuselage of each plane.

Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times has more information on the shear tie issue in the section 48 and section 48 aft on the 787. In his article Dominic says that Boeing will use reinforcements that will be retrofitted into the airplanes already built as well as the future builds up to airplane 54. Starting with airplane 55, Boeing will use a redesign shear tie that is thicker than the one that is currently used.

Interestingly Boeing does characterize the problem as a potential issue over time but will be addressing it now as the will not deliver any airplanes without the reinforcements installed.

Boeing will implement the fix on airplanes 4 to 22. Boeing reiterated that this problem won't delay first delivery or the flight test program. Indeed, the 787 test fleet continues to post more flight test hours.

Dominic Gates: Another 787 design flaw — but no delays, says Boeing


Dan said...

We can assume then that LN7, LN8 and LN9 are receiving these modifications while theyre in 40-26?? ;)

Uresh said...

Dan, I think that's a very reasonable assumption but I don't know for certain. I've put in enquiries about that though.