Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Delta switching from the 787-8 to the 787-9?

Yesterday I linked to a post on Saj Ahmad's Fleetbuzzeditorial.com blog site regarding the 787-9.
On the 9

Well interestingly enough a comment was left by someone saying that supposedly that Delta has decided to switch from the 787-8 to the 787-9 and to increase the order to triple digits (100 or more airframes?). The announcement is supposedly to be made later this year once Boeing has reallocated the 787-8 slots that Northwest had bought along with it in the merger. Now this is a rumor so let's not take it at face value but if there is someone out there who knows something and who can confirm it, let me know!

It is interesting because a lot of people know that Delta has said that it doesn't really need the 787-8 and there has been rumors that they would take up more 777-200LR. Well now in the light of Boeing gaining some more range from the 787-9 one wonders if this rumor may have some truth to it? In increasing the 787 order (they have 18 on order plus 50 options) to about 100+, Delta could replace the entire 767 and A330 fleet (about 100 aircraft) and add capacity for future growth.

Again, if any one has any further information on this rumor, please let me know!


skywalker said...

I read the same quote and did not give it much credence. It certainly did not even rise to the level of a rumor (which is pretty low). Probably some guy wanting attention. Talk is cheap; especially rumors on message/comment boards.

Uresh said...

True but with DL trying to figure out what their fleet is going to look like and saying they really don't want the 787-8 one has to wonder if there may be a bit of truth in this rumor. I'm hoping that someone in the know might be able to pass on something about it.

skywalker said...

Here's a link to a Chicago Tribune article on United's 787 that mentions the possibility of Delta either ordering the -9 and/or 777LR.