Saturday, April 24, 2010

ZA004 flies to Victorville with FAA on board

The start of the 787 certification with the FAA is underway. ZA004 flew today from Boeing Field to Victorville with FAA inspectors aboard. They'll be flying during Sunday and Monday at least with the FAA on board down in California as part of the certification test flights.

Earlier, ZA004 took off at 9:40AM Pacific Time but Matt Cawby reported that it returned 25 minutes later due to a transponder issue. It was presumably fixed as ZA004 took off again at about 12:18PM Pacific Time and landed at around 1:33 PM. It took off for the last time at 4:18Pm and landed at Victorville at about 6:02 PM.

You can see Liz Matzelle's photos from today's flight activity at Boeing Field here.
Thanks to Liz Matzelle and Matt Cawby for helping to fill in some of the blanks from today's activities!

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