Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on 787 Flight Test

So I got a few words on the 787 flight test progress.

The first bit of news is that Boeing should get the Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) around the middle of this week. This is tentative but has shown up on the 787 master phasing plan. We'll know more by the 7th.

Both ZA003 and ZA004 were supposed to fly this past weekend but ZA004 had some minor APU issues so it's flights this past weekend were cancelled. No word on ZA003 flight. These planes could fly as early as today (April 5).

Lastly, ZA002 could be back in the air between today and Wednesday (April 7th). ZA005 is schedule to fly by May 16th and ZA006 should be in the air by June 6th.

Stay tuned in the ever changing program.

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