Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latest 787 schedule info from Flightblogger

Flightblogger just post some more information regarding the ongoing side of body fix and the schedule for the remainder of this year.

In his post, Flightblogger reports that ZA001 essentially has completed its side of body modifications while reaffirming that first flight for ZA001 is due to take place around the December 22nd date that I reported yesterday.

Flightblogger also reported that the testing of the fix on the full scale static test air frame will take place in late November followed by detailed analysis of the test results prior to restart of testing on ZA001. Starting today, Boeing will begin the task of reinstalling systems and panels on ZA001 as well as doing a through cleaning of the aircraft which probably also include an aqueous wash of the fuel tanks again.

Flightblogger: ZA001 wing fix complete

Update: Guy Norris at Aviation Week also has a post up on the 787 in his blog:

787 Wing Fix

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