Tuesday, July 7, 2009

787 Update - July 7, 2009

A quick round up of the latest goings on:

1) ZA001 finished final gauntlet testing. Boeing wrapped that up on the evening of July 2nd.
2) Boeing will perform low speed taxi tests and that may occur as early as today though Flightblogger said that it may have occurred last night. Nevertheless, low speed taxi tests are right around the corner. The high speed taxi and RTO won't occur until after the side of body fix is installed onto ZA001. After the low speed taxi tests Boeing will continue ground tests on the 787 fleet to mature the systems so they just won't be closed up and doing nothing while they implement the fix.
3) Flightblogger said that a formal Boeing-Vought announcement on the Boeing purchase of Vought's 787 operations could come as early as this morning.
4) Flightblogger found out the registration forthe next two 787s: ZA003 will be registered as N787BX and ZA004 will be registered as N7874


Anonymous said...

Any idea when a statement will be made about the side of the body fix schedule?

Do you have any information about the procss taking place. Is it 24/7?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any information yet on what approach is being taken to solve to 787 wing attachment issue.

That is, what is necessary to get to a solution...and is that process in the works already

Anonymous said...

Any word yet on what is happening with steps necesary for first flight.

Do you think it will happen within the next 1,3,or 6 months

Uresh said...

No new information.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there any rumors, speculations, ideas or guesses as to what is in front of this problem.

Is there any work being performed on the stress test equiptment ...or any repair work being done on the plane that is stress tested.

Any sign of life at Boeing or are they still trying to figure out what to do

Anonymous said...

Am surprised that there is no additional information on the 787 revised flight schedule...at least some information as to what is comtemplated or being investigated.

This is a crucial time for Boeing to show its skills and ability to repair any minor issues...which is what we are all hoping is just that.

The question is whether it is a minor matter or one requiring more structural repair and time

Uresh said...

Way too early for them to say anything. They need time. This is an structural engineering matter that cannot be rushed as much as the shareholders want them to rush, Boeing has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that their products are safe for the travelling public and not just profitable for the shareholders.