Tuesday, July 7, 2009

787 finally moves on its own power

Another UPDATE (7:00 pm EDT): Boeing confirmed to me that they did low speed RTO (rejected takeoff) tests but they did not do any high speed runs today.
Video from KOMO News in Seattle:

BREAKING: Flightblogger just tweeted that ZA001 also performed high speed taxi tests today and RTO test without the nose wheel leaving ground. This is unexpected.

I just got confirmation that ZA001 has started taxi tests and is now driving around Paine Airport on its own power.

Flightblogger also has pics on his blog which also confirms that start of taxi tests. When these tests are complete, ZA001 will have to wait until the side of body join fix is designed and manufactured before it can go on to high speed taxi tests and RTO (Rejected Take Off) tests and then first flight. Still no word on that front.

Flightblogger: First 787 Taxi Pics

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