Friday, March 27, 2009

QANTAS might defer 787 orders

In a news story that was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, QANTAS may have to defer or cancel part of their 787 order in order to avoid accessing capital markets in order to keep its investment grade credit rating. They have been hit hard by investment losses. Read the article here.


Anonymous said...


It is well known that Boeing is in touch with all of their customers and has been negotiating different arrangements as a result of delays. This is an ongoing process.

Quantas is an important customer and may be feeling the pressure of the economy more than others. How they choose to rearrange their future orders will eventually get sorted out.

There is enough of a waiting list to rearrange the order and yet maintain a production schedule that can meet the changing demands.

Is there anything you know that would clarify this picture?

Uresh said...

Well I don't know anything beyond what was reported but since the number of customers and the number of firm orders for the 787 is so long, even if QANTAS/Jetstar deferred some of their 787 there will be another customer how would take those early delivery slots.