Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dreamliner 1 News

Some information I just received though I am still trying to confirm it. Dreamliner 1 is scheduled to undergo factory gauntlet testing on April 10th. It is then scheduled to be moved out to the flightline on April 13th. I'm still trying to confirm but this would inidcate that factory gauntlet might take a couple of days. I'm not sure why th test is not scheduled to start for another 2 week but I speculate that it might be to prepare the test equipement for the factory gauntlet.

Lastly, Matt Cawby got pictures of Boeing vans setting up flight test instrumentation around Paine Field. See his pictures here and here.


Anonymous said...

Can the factory gauntlet test be completed in a few days?

What is really involved in this phase and is there any time limit or until satisfactory conclusion?

Uresh said...

I'm not sure what's is totally involved but it does entail the complete testing of the entire 787 system. There is no time limit. The testing will be driven not by milestones of schedules but by successful completion of each test before moving on to the next test.

Anonymous said...

Can you try to find out a little more about the nature and expected timing of the factory gauntlet testing period.

If the plane is scheduled to "move on to the flightline" on the 13th, does that mean under good circumstances, the test is a three day one? Or, does it continue on the flightline?

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us what "moving on to the flightline" means.

Is that a physical location change as well as a series of "flightline" tests?

Uresh said...

A flightline is essentially an outdoor parking area where the planes are parked prior to flight testing and delivery. All I'm saying is that the 787 should be moved outside around mid April.

Intermediate Gauntlet testing is supposed to take place outside on the flightline from my understanding.

Anonymous said...

You indicated that the "factory gauntlet" test will take place on April 10th and then on the 13th the plane will be moved to the flightline.

I assume that means that this factory gauntlet test takes only three days since you then say it will be moved to the location where the intermediate flight test will be held.

Do I understand this correctly? I thought the factory gauntlet test is a very crucial one and almost sets the timeline for the subsequent tests. It tests the planes integrated software system.

Could you clarify or amplify these questions: Order of importance, timimg, milestone or not, significance of completing in three days or whether more takes place during the intermediate gauntlet period. would help to understand what is going on here. Ultimately what is most important is when the plane flies, but these tests are crucial to that ar do follow some preset milestone order.