Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LCFs on the move, possible delivery flights


The Dreamlifter, reg. number N780BA took off today for Wichita
but soon after takeoff developed a problem with its flap and had to dump fuel
and return to Paine Field. They landed safely.
The 747 Large Cargo Freighters, or LCFs have been on the move. Yesterday one left for a flight to Nagoya. It is unclear if it going to be bringing in any parts but if it is it will bring parts for delivery to Global Aeronautica as Everett is still waiting for parts for Dreamliner 4. It could be returning transportation fixtures back to Nagoya and then fly back with parts for other 787s to be assembled at Global Aeronautica.

Today though a flight plan was filed for an LCF to to fly from Everett to McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS. This is where Spirit Aerosystems manufactures the forward fuselage for the 787. It can be flying there ostensibly to pick up the nose section.

The 3rd LCF is already in Charleston, probably waiting for Boeing's ok to load and deliver the main fuselage for Dreamliner 4 which had been the source of the hold up.

Speaking of Global Aeronautica, they had a 24 hour standdown to review FOD prodcedures. The FAA found violations but did not order the standdown. That order came from management. Given the recent news, this is probably a good idea. See the article from the Seattle Times here.

Finally, Matt Cawby has pictures of the fatigue test site on his web site. This is where the 787 fatigue test airframe will go to start 3 years worth of fatigue testing. Simply put they will simulate a lifetimes worth of flights over the period of three years and see how the airframe responds. Check out his pictures here.


Michael said...

Two LCFs are actually crossing each other over Nebraska in a half an hour or so, EIA406 from KPAE til KCHS (perhaps carrying section 43 and 11+45 from NGO) and EIA5161 from KCHS to KPAE (that may be carrying section 43, 44, 11+45 and 46 for MSN004.)

Uresh said...

Very possible. Wall Street analyst also watch the LCF movements which is all well and good but without someone there to actually report if a part is being loaded or unloaded. Michael I think you might be spot on on both accounts. The LCF coming from Nagoya stopped in Anchorage, Alaska. They do that for refueling stop when they're carrying heavy loads like the fuselage sections or wings from Japan.