Sunday, December 16, 2018

787 Month End report - Boeing Delivers 12 787s in October and 10 in November

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett46
To be assembled in Charleston51
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly7
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work2
Pre-Flight Prep9
Production Testing3
Non Customer Flight Tests0
Ready for Delivery6

Today is the 9th anniversary of the 1st flight of the Boeing 787.  ZA001 took off 9 years ago kicking of the 787 flight test program so it is appropriate that we take a look at where the program is today.

Boeing has delivered a total of 773 787s (360 x 787-8, 401 x 787-9, 12 x 787-10).

As 2018 comes to an end, Boeing is making a last minute push to meet their delivery goals for the year.  Through the end of November 2018 Boeing has delivered a total of 764 x 787 (361 x 787-8, 393 x 787-9, 10 x 787-10)  In October Boeing deliver 12 787 (1 x 787-8, 9 x 787-9, 2 x 787-10) while in November deliveries dropped to 10 in total (2 x  787-8, 6 x 787-9, 2 x 787-10).

Through December 15th Boeing has delivered a further 9 aircraft (7 x 787-9, 2 x 787-10) thus for the year the total number of 787 deliveries stand at 137 (10 x 787-8, 115 x 787-9, 12 x 787-10).  At the start of the year I projected Boeing would deliver 147 787s thus they are 10 airplanes off the pace but I believe they will fall short of the 147 by about 3 airplanes.  Still 144 deliveries is keeping up with the stated 12/month production rate.

Notable deliveries during October and November included the 1st 787 for Juneyao Airlines as well as delivery of a 787-10 flight test aircraft to Singapore Airlines after undergoing refurbishment.  Air Tahiti Nui received it's 1st 787 on lease from Air Lease Corp.  Eva Air also received its first 787 also on lease from from ALC. United Airlines took possession of its first 787-10 thus making it the first carrier to operate all three versions of the 787.

A special delivery took place as Boeing delivered the 787th 787 to be built on December 13th.  This airplane (ZB935, LN 787, B-1168) which was delivered to AerCap and leased to China Southern Airlines is also the 400th 787-9 to be delivered.

To date, Boeing has rolled out 135 787 this year while starting final assembly on 140 thus the production rate is closely matching the delivery rate thus far though I expect that deliveries should exceed production by the end of the year.  There are 6 airplanes that have flown which I anticipate will be delivered this year with one more that has yet to take flight which should still be delivered this year.

787 orders were modest with Boeing booking an order of 6 787-9s from India's Vistara Airlines along with some smaller unidentified orders.  There were no orders in November though Boeing reclassified Icelandair's order for 1 787-8 as unidentified.  I suspect that this is in preparation of cancellation of this order.

To keep track of the 787 program, bookmark my 787 spreadsheets.  These are typically updated everyday or as new information comes in.

787 Spreadsheets


NCPx said...

Uresh, I am glad to see your update. Will you have a listing of target delivery dates by LN for 2019? We are glad you maintain this blog.

Uresh said...

If someone will give me those dates, I'll put them up on the spreadsheets. So far no one has given me any information.

Unknown said...

Between 773 delivered and 787 built, what is the disposition of the 14 variance? Presume test models and storage/waiting on delivery?

Uresh said...

Check the 787 Spreadsheets for Disposition of the all 787s:

Capt Rob said...

Great job on your report though it seems to have morphed into a bi-monthly update now

John Simms said...

Thanks for another year of great information. Your effort in sharing your information is greatly appreciated and admired.

Unknown said...


Uresh said...

Yes there is. There’s a tab for that.

Trapperpk said...

Could your spreadsheets detail how you get to a net 1403 787's are ordered? You know a big long list 1403 lines deep that would be a Christmas present to me. Thanks for doing the work Uresh your spreadsheets are great and it keeps me in line with my 787 fantasies.

Uresh said...

Unfortunately I don't have the customers/operators for the line numbers beyond L/N 900 yet.