Thursday, September 28, 2017

Boeing Achieves 600th 787 Delivery

On September 26th, Boeing delivered the 600th Dreamliner coming exactly 6 years and 1 day after the first 787 was delivered to ANA (a 787-8) on September 25th, 2011.  As far as I can ascertain, the 600th aircraft was also a 787-8 for British Airways which is ZA458 (LN 609, G-ZBJI).  There wasn't any announcement or celebration recognizing this milestone but to deliver 600 airplane in 6 years is quite notable for a widebody aircraft program and especially so for the 787 which had so much trouble in the early years.

Orders seems to be picking up as mentioned in previous posts with Turkish Airlines and Malaysia's order for the 787.  There is still a chance that Dubai-based Emirates can announce a 787 order at November's Dubai Air Show and I also received word that EgyptAir will be ordering the 787 (no word on numbers or version).  EgyptAir's possible order is intriguing as they have 10 A330 series aircraft that would be ready for renewal.  The 777-300ERs are fairly new but they just retired the 777-200ER so they could possibly use the 787-10 and 787-9 to replace the 777-200ER and A330 (both -200 and -300).  If an order from EgyptAir is close I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop at Dubai as well.

I'm still waiting to hear about Garuda Indonesia's 30 x 787-9 order to be finalized.

Lastly, Boeing is celebrating the 1 millionth passenger flight of the 787.  They released a video commemorating this feat below:

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Trapperpk said...

Uresh, Been following you for sometime with "All Things 787". I am pleased you have identified Boeing's 787 order potential. Readers may note Boeing has achieved 78 net 787 orders YTD. With those possibilities you have mentioned the potential could drive the 787 order book northward of 150 orders for 2017. However, I try to abate my enthusiasm for big numbers with a number somewhere in between shadows reality. A 120 2017 787 order book would support Boeing upping its production from 12 to 14 787 a month during the next five years. A 150 unit order book would 2nd the motion to do so.