Friday, March 31, 2017

787-10 First Flight

Check back to this post for up dates on the first flight of the 787-10

2:35 PM - ZC001 landed completing a 4 hour and 57 minute test flight.
1:57 PM - ZC001 is now heading back to Charleston International Airport to complete its first flight. Boeing is saying landing around 2:15-2:30.

1:35 PM - Some official Boeing photos from today's take off of ZC001

Boeing Photo

Boeing Photo

Boeing Photo

1:10 PM - Here's a video by the Charleston Region Business Journal of ZC001's take off:

10:15 AM - The plan after today's flight will be for ZC001 to return to Charleston and will conduct another flight in about a week after which it will fly to Boeing Field in Seattle where it will be based for the rest of the flight test/certification program.

9:50 AM - Today's first flight should last about 4 to 5 hours.

9:38 AM - BOE001 is Airborne and Airworthy

9:26 AM - Flight plan for BOE1 on FlightAware:

BOE001 Flight Plan

9:22 AM - Still waiting for the first flight of Boeing's 787-10.  Here 's a link for the webcast:

787-10 First Flight

So far I haven't seen a flight plan filed but there is a flight plan for the T-33 chase aircraft:

FlightAware T-33

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