Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eva Air orders 18 787-10 firm + 6 787-10 options

Eva Air finalized an order for up to 24 787-10.  The order includes 18 firm 787-10 and 6 options.  In addition the order announcement stated Eva will take 2 additional 777-300ERs.

This was an order that Eva announced months ago but was finalized this month.  Please see Boeing's press release below:

Boeing, EVA Airways Finalize Taiwan's Largest Ever Commercial Airplane Purchase

Deal includes up to 24 787-10 Dreamliners and two 777-300ERs

EVA joins 787-10 launch customer airline group, will be first Taiwanese carrier to operate Dreamliner

SEATTLE, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE:BA] and EVA Airways today finalized a historic order for up to 24 787-10 Dreamliners and two 777-300ER (Extended Range) jetliners. The order, valued at more than $8 billion at current list prices, marks the largest single commercial airplane purchase in Taiwan aviation.
"EVA participated in development of the Boeing 777-300ER and became a launch customer in 2005," said EVA President Austin Cheng. "From that first delivery through today, we operate 22 of these high-performance long-haul aircraft. We believe the future of the airline industry will be built on fuel efficiency and cabin comfort. The new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner's high fuel efficiency and long-range flying capabilities meets these requirements and our operational needs. These planes will support our growth well into the future."
EVA Airways becomes the newest Dreamliner customer and will join the 787-10 launch customer team as one of the first airlines in the world to introduce the newest member of the 787 Dreamliner family.
"We are honored to welcome EVA Airways as Boeing's newest member of the 787-10 Dreamliner launch customer group," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner. "For many years, EVA Air has been pushing the boundaries of aviation. Ten years ago, EVA was a launch customer for the 777-300ER. With today's order, Boeing is proud to continue playing an integral role in revolutionizing Taiwan's aviation history as EVA becomes one of the first customers around the world to operate the 787-10."
EVA Airways continues to modernize its long-haul fleet to replace aging aircraft and plans to grow its fleet to more than 100 units by 2020. These new 787-10 Dreamliners will allow the airline to expand into new markets. They will be deployed on medium-range and long-haul flights and will be operated in tandem with the 777-300ERs to form the backbone of EVA Airways' fleet.
EVA Airways currently operates more than 40 Boeing airplanes and with today's order, the airline's backlog will increase to 37 airplanes, which includes fourteen 777-300ERs, five 777 Freighters and eighteen 787-10s. 
EVA Airways' 777-300ER fleet continues to grow and the carrier is the world's eighth largest 777-300ER operator in the world and fourth largest in Asia.
The 787-10 will be the third and longest member of the super-efficient 787 family. With its greater passenger and cargo capacity, robust range and passenger-pleasing features, the 787-10 will complement EVA's Boeing widebody fleet while setting a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and operating economics.
The 787-10 will be 25 percent better in fuel and emissions than the airplanes it replaces and more than 10 percent better than anything offered by the competition for the future.


Traveler said...

Be interesting to see if the 787-10 ever catches up to the -8 or -9 in orders. They're all nice planes that'll accrue many more orders, IMO.

My guess is that the -9 will win the most orders, while the -10 will come in second, followed closely by the -8.

mokong78 said...

Congrats EVA air and welcome to the big league and high profile airline players. Yours was a smart and straight forward choice.

Vab Andleigh said...

Here's a pretty neat article talking about how Boeing did its fatigue testing of the 787 airframe, and that results came in as predicted.


Trapperpk said...

I've seen range quotes from 6,400 NM to 7,400 nm for the 787-10. Seats from 300-330 do you have firm configuration data on the 787-10 regarding range and capacity?

Basil said...

Unrelated to this, do we know the 787 dispatch reliability yet?
350 planes out there is a good sample.