Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mexican Air Force to take delivery of test 787 at the end of September

As previously reported here on All Things 787, the Mexican Air Force had purchased ZA006 for use as a government transport.  when delivered it will mark the first 787 to be purchased by a government armed services.

Currently the aircraft is in New Iberia, LA. where it is probably getting a paint job and having some other work performed on it in preparation to convert it into a government transport.It is scheduled to fly to Charleston on September 22nd where it will be in stall A4 for a few days.  It will then transfer over to the delivery center at Charleston on the 25th of September and will be there until it flies away around September 28th.  It's been reported that Mexico paid $127mm for the aircraft which performed flight testing duties with the GEnX-1B engines.

Spotters at CHS, please be on the look out for this aircraft.  I'm sure a lot of people would like to see what kind of livery it will have.


1coolguy1 said...

Has anyone figured out how many pounds the terrible teens are overweight?
And then, how to what degree this increases fuel consumption?

wannabuy said...

It is excellent to see the 'early birds' leave the nest.

I see from the excellent tables LN11 should also leave in 2014. Yes!

Thanks for the hard work. It is appreciated.

Neil/Lightsaber from a.net

Ziggy said...

I agree with Lightsaber in that I too appreciate your hard work with the spreadsheets