Monday, May 19, 2014

May 787 deliveries still slow half way through the month

With less than 2 weeks remaining in the month, Boeing has delivered only 3 787s to customers including the 1st to Air Canada.  The total seems anemic but Boeing has been known to finish the month strong by delivering 78s in the last 7 to 10 days of the month.  I don't think this month will be an exception but the company won't be able to deliver 12 aircraft that I predicted earlier.  I do see them delivering 10 in May including the ones that have already been delivered.

Here's my revised delivery projections:

Air India - 2 (ZA232, ZA244)
ANA - 1 (ZA136)
British Airways - 1 (ZA455)
Ethiopian Airlines - 1 (ZA265)
Hainan Airlines - 1 (ZA437)
ILFC/Norwegian - 1 (ZA579)

This number is still 1 short (actually .5 airplanes short) of what Boeing needs to deliver for the remainder of the year if they need to meet their goal of 110 787 deliveries.

While there has been a number of B-1 flights earlier this month, Boeing still has to increase the tempo in order to prepare for June deliveries.

To date Boeing has delivered 143 total 787s, 29 in 2014 and 3 thus far in May.

Lastly, ZA436 (LN 151, B-2738) flew back to Everett today from Boeing Field.  It seems that he flight testing it was conducting to certify software changes on a production standard aircraft is complete.  The aircraft will probably be cleaned up and prepared for customer test flights be fore being delivered to Hainan.
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1coolguy1 said...

Predicting ANY AI deliveries is a real crap shoot.
The rest of the list appears reasonable.

Uresh said...

Usually AI is hit or miss but they have financing lined up for these deliveries.

1coolguy1 said...

Interesting the BA plane is listed as Ready for Delivery after only 2 flights. I believe this may be a record low prior to delivery.
Is this typical for the 737 and the 777?

Unknown said...

Two other 787's delivered B-1/C-1 LOT ZA270 (61) and UAL ZA285 (45)back at the end of 2012 before the great fall. Many 777's do B-1/C-1, less 737's. I think the average 777 average is 3(-), 737 3(+)flights to delivery.

ET_Pilot777 said...

ET-AOV delivered 20 May.

Uresh said...

ET_Pilot777 Are you sure you don't mean ET-AOU?

ET_Pilot777 said...

I stand corrected..AOU

D Robert said...

I haven't read anything to say Charleston is up to their planned rate of 3 per month, so its interesting that they've pumped out 3 - 4 planes per month for March and April. Feels like the whole program is finally where they need to be...