Friday, November 19, 2010

Guy Norris: Another brief 787 flight

Guy Norris says that two 787s will fly briefly on Saturday, Nov. 20th. ZA003 will fly from Everett to Boeing Field while ZA004 will fly in the opposite direction going to Everett from Boeing Field.

ZA004 will be going to Everett to get some routine maintenance accomplished. This maintenance work was preplanned. ZA003 is expected to resume ground tests at Boeing Field. ZA001, ZA005 and ZA006 are also conducting ground tests until they all can have clearance to resume test flights.

Lastly, ZA102 which is the first production 787 to fly will be rolled out of 40-24 around the end of the month according to Guy. It would be fitted with the package "A" Trent 1000 engines and is schedule to fly in December depending on what happens with the fire investigation. Even if it doesn't fly it could still conduct ground test as well as taxi tests.

Guy Norris: 787 to fly again (briefly) on Saturday

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