Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boeing Completes Flutter and Ground Effects Testing on the 787

Boeing Photo
Boeing announced (through Randy Tinseth's blog) that they had completed flutter and ground effects testing. Boeing engineers had looked at the data from flutter tests and the results are as their model had predicted. This data is being submitted to the FAA as part of the requirements for the TIA, the Type Inspection Authorization.

The TIA will allow FAA inspectors and engineers on board the 787 for certification testing which starts after the issuance of the TIA. There is no word on when Boeing will receive the 787 TIA but it is expected before the end of this month.

Boeing had expected to complete this phase of the flight test program by mid February. Thus they are about a month and a half behind but still have some margin left in the flight test program schedule.

Certification testing is the longest part of the test flight program and will probably last until October or November depending on progress.

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