Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guy Norris: 787 and 747 Update - January 26, 2010

Guy Norris put up an update today of the status of the 787 and the 747-8. The 747-8F RC501 is going through another set of Primary Flight Control System checks and final weighing of the aircraft. Still no word on when taxi tests are set to begin and no safety of flight tests have begun yet.

On the 787 front, it is expected that ZA002 will return to the air tomorrow to check out the engines as well as to run test of the Oxygen Analysis System (OAS) which will measure the O2 content in the fuel tanks when the 787 fuel inerting system known as NGS (nitrogen generating system). The OAS is just a piece of test equipment and note part of the NGS. ZA002 should fly regular test missions after tomorrow.

A little programming note. At the bottom of this blog you can see two spreadsheets that I have put together tracking the flight test hours of the 787 as well as the production and aircraft disposition of the 787. I hope it's helpful and please do let me know of any information that would help keep the spreadsheets up to date.

Guy Norris' 787 and 747 update for January 26, 2010


Rob said...

787 spreadsheet: tail numbers as they're assigned would be cool

Uresh said...

Thanks I'll try to get them as they come out. Not all of 787 crrently have registrations on.

Uresh said...

If anyone has the registration numbers for any of the 787 after LN7 that would be appreciated.

Dan said...


ZA102/LN09 is infact the aircraft in the tent having the SOB modification. LN08 is the aircraft in full ANA livery parked behind the tent.

Dan said...

BTW some more info for you:
LN7 ZA100 B787-881 JA801A
LN8 ZA101 B787-881 JA804A
LN9 ZA102 B787-881 N6066Z (future JA802A)

Uresh said...

Thanks Dan,
I've made changes and it should be reflected in about 5 mintues.