Friday, September 25, 2009

Flightblogger's Trip to Spirit Aerosystems Part Two

Flightblogger posted the second part of his report on his trip to Spirit Aerosystems. Here he details Boeing's (and Spirit's) plans for further weight reductions as well as initiatives that Spirit is undertaking in their facility to cut down on time and manpower including the use of AGV (automated guided vehicles) that take fuselage barrels from one facility to another.

Flightblogger also said that there will be a major weight saving measure that would be implemented with LN 34 and the 787-9 will be LN 109. The interesting thing is that the forward fuselage (section 41) for the -9 should be the same as that being built for the -8 version with most of the strengthening and stretching being done on the other sections of the 787.

Flightblogger : Inside the South Hangar, Spirit Road to 10/month Part 2

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