Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boeing may take first steps to locate 2nd 787 line in Charleston, SC.

According to KING5 (local TV station in the Seattle area). Boeing will file building permit applications as early as tomorrow to expand the Charleston, SC plant which they had just purchased from Vought a month ago.

While there has been no definitive decision about the location of a 2nd production line, the move maybe a precursor to an announcement that Boeing intends to locate the 2nd line in South Carolina. The 2nd production line will be sorely needed if Boeing is to catch up to promised deliveries of the 787 that were delayed due to the on going issues within the program.

Another scenario (in my mind) is that it would be used as leverage to win concessions from the unions, Washington State and the City of Everett. In other words a bluff. While I may not be the best at Texas Hold 'Em, I would say that Boeing is has a pretty good hand for the time being. This story is far from over and I would not expect the Boeing announcement on the 2nd line until after flight testing on the 787 is under way.

Boeing to file building permits.

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