Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreamliner 2 to move within weeks

I got word from independent sources that Dreamliner 2 is to be moved out of the 787 final assembly building as early as Feb. 27th but may take place as late as March 6th. The move will take this airplane to building 40-24 to complete assembly tasks. The move will allow the final assembly to start on Dreamliner 6 whose parts have already started to flow into Everett.

Additionally, power on for Dreamliner 2 is scheduled for around the end of this week though that may take place by Feb. 27th.


Anonymous said...

Alright!! Maybe things will finally start to move at a reasonable pace for the 787. We need a shot of good news these days.

Uresh said...

Well it seems there are more Dreamlifter movmements these days and I think not all of them are training flights or repositioning of transport fixtures. There are parts movements going on for sure.