Monday, August 4, 2008

Dreamliner 4 to start assembly soon

UPDATE: Another LCF just left Charleston with the main fuselage for Dreamliner 4. See it here.

The nose section for Dreamliner 4 should be in Everett later today thus setting the stage for the start of final assembly. The Dreamlifter is already in Wichita and has filed a flight plan to go on to Everett. No word yet on when the repaired main fusealge section is due in Everett but my guess is by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

On Nov 15 2007, a Dreamlifter flew in to KBLV (Mid-America airport in Belleville, IL) from KPAE before flying on to KCHS. That is the only time it has landed there to the best of my knowledge. It was a schedule flight (as opposed to an emergency of some sort) because a flight plan was filed for the trip. Anyone have any idea as to why it stopped over there?

Uresh said...

My unerstanding that it was to give some VIPs some sort of tour or there might have been an air show.

Mark said...

Thanks Uresh. Must have been the VIP thing. I live about 5 miles from there and there wasn't an airshow. It was a weekday and I was at work in St. Louis, about 20 miles away from there. Once I realized it was there, I rushed there from work, only to see from a distance that it had just taken off and had just made its turn to KCHS. Bummer!