Friday, May 9, 2008

Dreamlifter 3

Thanks to Jon Ostrower for the link to a picture of Boeing's third Dreamlifter.

You can see the picture here:

According to the caption, this Dreamlifter will be registered as N249BA.

Boeing has stated that they will have four Dreamlifters, modified 747-400 passenger aircraft, in order to support movement and delivery of 787 sections and wings. Currently there are two in service. Frankly two is all they need for now but with the anticipated ramp up in production they will probably need more than four depending on how fast Boeing and all the suppliers can ramp up production

They will need to ramp up as fast as they reasonably can if the average delay for getting the 787 into the hands of customers turns out to be 20 to 30 months. Whether they can catch up to production remains to be seen but judging from Airbus continuing issues with A380 production ramp up, it will not be easy if they can indeed pull it off.

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