Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hello All!

Welcome to my just another aviation blog! Well you all are proably thinking oh not another one. Well I'll try and be different here if I can. I'll need your help in figuring out the direction that it should go to keep interest alive but for now I'm going to bloging about All Things 787 as in the Boeing 787.

That's not to say that this blog will focus on the 787, commercial aviation or just aviation but I plan on talking about all of the aerospace industry and the goings on. So together I hope we can educate one another and have a little bit of fun.

Discussions are welcome and even disagreements with anything I or anyone else has to say but let's keep it civil and attack the idea and not the person.

Lastly, I'm an aviation enthusiast thus I don't work in the industry though I wish I did especially considering that my current job is analyzing and structuring mortgage securities. I've been in this industry for over 15 years but somehow I'm surviving in it! At this point if there are any people who feel that my talents are being wasted in the current position and feel that they can use my talents, skills and knowledge in the aviation industry, send me an email!

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Welcome to cyberspace Uresh!